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International College of Hair and Beauty   
Karen Dempsey-
"I commenced my diploma in Beauty Therapy with Mairin Gallagher in 1994.

When I first started my diploma, I had no idea how involved the course was Anatomy and Physiology? I had no idea what that even meant! I just wanted to be able to apply make-up and make people look pretty!

During my time at the beauty school, I not only learned how to be a professional beauty therapist, but I also learned values that I have taken with me throughout my entire career.

Mairin advised us from the very start that we could not afford to miss out on even one day of homework as it would make us fall behind and I took this advice from her gladly.
I will never forget that we were also told on our first day of the course that Mairin was not there to be our friend, but to make us the best beauty therapists we could possibly be and was kept true to her word. The training facility was also set up exactly how it would be in a salon environment so you were able to experience how it would really feel to be in the salon once qualified. We even had clinic days which meant family and friends could come in for us to perform treatments on them.
Mairins dedication and world of knowledge in the beauty industry and customer care is 100 why I am so successful in my career today.
When I completed my diploma, I was offered a position on Steiner Cruise Ships but I turned this down as I was lucky enough to be employed by Mairin in her beauty salon for a number of years.

I then went on to open my own salon (in which she also offered support and advice anytime I needed it.

I then decided to immigrate to Australia, where within 2 weeks of arriving I was employed by one of the largest beauty franchises in Australia, based on my CIBTAC qualification and professional work ethic which Mairinn instilled in me.

I was very happy with this company for several years until I was lucky enough to get asked to start with another Beauty company as manager for their 10 beauty salons, to which I currently still work at. Most recently I have started as a Beauty Trainer at one of the Beauty Colleges in Brisbane.

Never in a million years did I ever think that my Beauty Diploma would give e me the opportunity to take me anywhere in the world, and still have such a passion for the industry.

I cannot thank Mairin Gallagher enough for her consistent professionalism, advice and support throughout the years I have known her. I would highly recommend anyone that is serious about a career in the beauty industry to certainly get trained by Mairin."

Alina Axman-
"The College I done with Mairin Gallagher was amazing!! An amazing teacher with excellent knowledge and I found it very easy to learn from her. Glad to have done it and it sure wont be the last time I will be learning from her again! She has made my future. Thank you so much!"